The Survey

The purchase and maintenance of a boat is on the high end of anyone's expenditure so it pays to know what you are buying and insuring.

When you arrange a survey with us, you are buying into a very important factor 'Peace of Mind'.

What is a Marine Survey or Boat Survey? Why do you need it?  What does a survey cover? Where do I find a Marine Surveyor?  All very valid questions and you will find the answers on this website.

It is a detailed inspection of a boat to which many descriptions apply; Yacht, Motor Cruiser, Houseboat, Narrow boat, Rib, Barge etc..

There are many names given to the various types of surveys but in the main they are a Pre-Purchase or an Insurance survey. The criteria for either boat survey will be different but in the main, the same items are covered. 

I will be looking at the vessels condition, working through a process, making observations by sight and touch.  Making notes and taking photographs as required. Its is hands on, with scarping, hammering and cleaning.

Probing around, handling and visual are the essential qualities for a surveyor. You have to go the extra mile in places you may not always want to go.

My survey report will provide you with the information you need in a clear, concise and easy to read format. 

Our aim is to keep you afloat, keep you safe and help protect your investment.