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Boat Safety Scheme

I am a Boat Safety examiner authorised to carry out Boat Safety examinations. I am also Gas Safe and can carry out gas safety test on boats that are homes.

I work with you the boat owner in order to achieve the required BSS standard. If your boat has been previously tested and it has a current or recent certificate, little work if anything is required.

What does it cost? Boats which already have a certificate can cost significantly less, so can boats without gas on board etc.  Examinations are from £80.00 + the cost of the certificate £35.00. 

Yo can contact me by phone,text or email. 

Prepare the boat for examination: 

Please insure there is easy access to the gas locker, fuel lines/hoses, gas joints and pipe-work, fuses and electrical cabling. This may involve removing some panels and hatches in readiness for the inspection. Depending on what you have on board your boat may need power, gas and water available in order for the appliances to be checked and tested. 

If you have a previous or existing certificate and records it will help when issuing the new certificate - and essential if you wish to 'post-date' the new certificate from the expiry date of the old.

Gas Safe:

If you are not aware of Gas Safe Regulations; in a nutshell it is illegal for anyone to work on a gas system on boats that are homes, rented or commercial who is not GSR. This includes BSS examiners who are not GSR. What does this mean to the boat owner? anyone not GSR doing any work such as testing (excluding via a bubble tester) connected with the gas system are not insured and can face huge fines or imprisonment.

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